RRF in action: Meeting of representatives of a local community and RRF staff members

Rights & Rice Foundation works simultaneously on several projects. Here are some insights into our latest activities and project results.

Tewah's story

Tewah has never been to a proper school because of the 15 years civil unrest in Liberia. But she has long wished for formal education. One day she learned about the literacy program provided by RRF ...

Sit in for the Land Rights Act

Over 500 advocates from across Liberia, including youth and women, came together to make their voices heard about the 2014 Draft Land Rights Act (LRA) in an organized “Sit in Action” staged at the National Legislature in the capital city, Monrovia ...

Peace Huts for Women

The Peace Hut is a community driven structure and space created by women’s organizations who had led the mass action for peace towards the end of the war. RRF implemented a Peace Hut Project to empower women, resolve conflicts, and address SGBV ...

Land Authority Act vs. Land Rights Act

The CSO Working Group on Land Rights would like to express their concerns about the Draft Bill of the Land Authority Act of Liberia (LAA) ...

Women's Access to Land

It is a fact that while women contribute the most (some estimates as high as 60%) in food production, these women have little or no claim to owning the land they are tilling. A program implemented by RRF is trying to change this ...

The New Land Rights Act

The new Land Rights Act would award equal protection to customary land owners: “Customary Land rights are equally protected as Private Land rights”. RRF is advocating for the passage of the Act ...

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