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Land Rights Act

In response to the pressing land problems Liberian citizens have faced during the last century, in 2013 the Government of Liberia approved a new land policy called the "Land Rights Policy" which was intended to be translated into law. But up to now the legislature has failed to pass this new "Land Rights Act" (LRA). We see it as our mission to advocate for the passage of the LRA.

Food Security

In addition to our advocacy for the LRA, we support women and small-scale famers to give them security over their land. We do this by educating them about their land rights and by advocating for them at the national level. 

Justice, Peace and Security Hub

With regard to the human rights framework we support the UNMIL project of the "Justice, Peace and Security Hubs" (locations where all relevant justice and security institutions are working together). We do this by educating citizens about their rights and obligations towards these institutions. 

Natural Resources Governance

We try to enhance the ability of local citizens to participate in decision-making processes concerning natural resources in their communities. We inform them about the interests and methods of concession companies and train them in advocating for their own interests. 

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